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"Regularly Make $1,000.00/month...Don't Believe There Is a Better Opportunity Anywhere..."

"....the Mini-Site program is what gave me the genuine knowledge on how to build sites from scratch.

I now regularly make $1,000.00 a month online and am prepared to kick up to make the money my friend makes, which is in the thousands weekly.

So I understand the skepticism because of what goes on with the Internet but you can’t hide your head in the sand. I don’t believe there is a better opportunity anywhere better than online. Peace!" -- Rick Macaulay


"Making $1,000+/month and working less than 2 hrs/week!"

"I am a senior citizen who is taking care of an invalid father and semi-invalid wife, so I am lucky to find 1 or 2 hours/week to devote to internet stuff.

Jim’s Mini-Site Creator” taught me everything I need to know to get a site up and selling products. Am I a “National Company”??? NO! I’m INTERNATIONAL — been selling my product all over the world.

Is my product any good? Yep, according to many testimonials, and less than 1% refunds. And I’m making several hundred $$/week which is pretty damned good on 1 or 2 hrs/week.

As soon as I can devote say 10-20 hrs/week, I fully expect to be making BIG bucks quickly. So, Jim: KEEP ON TEACHIN’ !!!!!!!!!" -- Ron on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"By the time you try to figure out how to build a profitable website on your own, you could have been through the Mini-site Creator course and had it paid for at least 100 times over...

Now making over $100,000 from mini-sites!"

"...on a $27 e-Book, we did over $10,000 in the first 5 days re-launching a 12 year old paperback book of mine.

The information in this new course has already saved me a few hours a day and thousands of dollars on web designers. I plan to have 3 more sites up in the next 3 months.

You're probably going to get many opinions on what you "should do" to build your website.

Don't listen to your friends and family tell you what they THINK is best because they probably never sold anything in their life, especially on the internet--except an old piece of jewelry on eBay--give me a break!

Listen to the proven techniques that Jim teaches in the "Mini-site Platinum" course so you're not wasting your time playing customer service rep answering questions from a bunch of "tire kicker" prospects that probably won't buy anyway.

Jim makes it fun and easy to do, especially for a non-techie like me. Non-techies are making over $100,000 from their websites and I am one of them.

By the time you try to figure out how to build a profitable website on your own, you could have been through the Mini-site Creator course and had it paid for at least 100 times over.
" -- F.J. Shark, Chicago, IL


"I Work At Home Now...
and It's All Because of
Jim Edwards!"

"....Jim Edwards is the real deal, and one of the most HONEST guy’s on the internet. How? because i also went through alot of money buying crap on the internet, until i came across Jim Edwards Sales Page, for the minisite creator1.0 version.

What Jim teaches and says is nothing but the truth, and it’s the best money my family has ever spent. After i had finished the minisite course 1.0 and (applied everything what jim teaches), has now put alot more money in my bank account, and also has changed my life from the 9 to 5 job.

I work at home now, and it’s all because of Jim Edwards, and here is a BIG THANK YOU Jim!!

After finishing the Minisite Creator 1.0, I figured out one thing.....this man has sacrificed his time, and worked his A$$ off, putting this course together for a fair price, for the good people that are going to put it to a good use. Also he has helped many a family’s budgets and life’s change." -- Scott on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"Last Week...Over $5,000.00!"

I am more then happy with Jim Edwards Mini site creator. Last week I made over $5000.00. Please go see a mini site that WORKS! Thank You Jim." -- Scott Hicks


"The Very Same Day I Received It...I Put Up My 1st Site...and had NEVER Built One Before!"

"Hi Jim, I own your mini-site creator product. The very same day I received it, I put up my 1st site. I’m a newbie and had never built one before. I’ve tweaked it couple of times since then. About a week later I put up my second site. Again, in a bout an afternoon.

I must tell you, your tech support guys kick ass. Gotta problem? Give it to them and bye-bye problem. Thanks. -- Louie in Las Vegas


"My ENTIRE Family Uses Your Mini-Site Creator Course...4 Generations Worth! "

"My ENTIRE family uses your mini-site creator course...4 generations: my Grandmother who uses mini-sites for her collectors dolls, my Mother who uses it for her MLM, myself who uses it for my young women ministry and my 2 children who are finishing up their ebooks in 2 micro niche’s…btw they are 9 and 12 years old.

I also use your course as part of our homeschooling not only teaches my children the vast ocean of the internet, but proves that YOU can be an entrepreneur and live the life you were intended to! We love you Jim!"
-- SanDee on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"#1 Position on Google Out of 18 Million Sites!"

"...I wish to add my praise for your excellent home study courses of all which I am a privileged owner and wouldn’t part with any of them (on eBay) for all the tea in China!

But if not for your Mini Site Creator course, I would not have had the first idea how to put a site together successfully - goodness knows I tried for months on end with the “aid” of what turned out to be incomplete information from con artists, before I had the good fortune to come across your own Mini Site and sales copy for your home study courses.

My first site (built with the step-by-step guide given by you) was not a Mini Site but a vast portal of 60 or more pages designed for absolute beginners. It occupies No 1 position on Google out of 18 million sites! It’s a free information and resource site.

Since then I have built a couple of mini sites and I am now working on another portal from which links will take visitors to at least 50 Mini Sites each for specialist products.

So I am most grateful to you, Jim, for your brilliantly clear, concise and at times amusing delivery of your tutorials which inspire, teach and help those of us who want to make a career as online entrepreneurs.

I take off my hat to you for your generosity in sharing your considerable knowledge with those of us who are new to online business. Keep up the good work. Kind regards." -- James on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"I quit my formal job, I am an independent internet entrepreneur now, and almost ALL this started with the mini sites."

"Dear Jim, I bought your mini-site creator course some three years ago maybe. I have to tell you that I use these “technics” in many ways with great success.

I could quit from my formal job, I am an independent internet entrepreneur now, and almost all this started with the mini sites.

I know that the Hungarian language is very strange for all who are not Hungarian, but you can check two of my sites which I started at 2005 with the stuff you taught me: These are: and

These two sites create me a full time income! So I am a real person, with real income from internet marketing, with great enthusiasm for this type of business and I have a “micro-company”.

So I think that you have to teach what you taught moreover further because I know that there are a lot of people who are looking for such information and can use it for their own success. :)" -- Peter Horvath, Hungary


"...after taking your course, I've created 3 sites that are up and running..."

"Hi Jim, I wanted to give you a testimonial on your excellent multi-media course on mini-site creation.

If there's anyone out there who is looking for a step-by-step method of designing, creating, and implementing a mini-site then they have to get your course... you've left nothing out!

In addition, you're an excellent instructor and you've truly mastered the multi-media technique of presenting a complicated subject.

I'm one of those guys who've bought the software like FrontPage and Dreamweaver and have bought the books, but I've never created and implemented a site on my own. I've always had to hire it out and be at the mercy of an employee or a subcontractor.

Now, after taking your course, I've created 3 sites that are up and running... and are very professional! and

The third one is a niche site that is doing so well... I don't want to disclose it. :-)

But anyway, if there is anybody who has been frustrated with trying to create a mini-site and get it going... they've got to get your course. Because, once they've gone through it, their frustrations will be over!

They'll have a site up and running and will be quite pleased with the results.

Jim, if you create ANY other courses that will help me become more successful on the Internet, count me in because I think you're an excellent instructor!

I want to tell you thanks again! You've taught me all the stuff to do this. Nobody else could get through to me, but your teaching style worked for me. Thanks!" -- Phil Craig


"...last night I got my first referral from one of my affiliate programs..."

"I feel very fortunate that I was in the right place at the right time when I signed up for Jim's Mini-Site Creator Class. It has definitely "Made a Difference" in my life.

Jim Edwards has gone way beyond my expectations when I joined the class. He over delivers in every aspect of the step-by-step process in educating his students.

The Mini-Site Creator Class gave me the boost I needed to get started and the tools and resources he gave us are just awesome. You really get your money's worth and so much more knowledge it is unbelievable.

The best testimonial I can give is the results of studying under Jim:

*I had an article that I had been working on that I used for one of Jim's assignments. With the tools I acquired from the class I was able to complete the article and today I was checking Google and my little article is listed number one in the search engines.

*I have my website up and running and last night I got my first referral from one of my affiliate programs. I can't thank Jim enough for everything that he has made possible for me." -- Brenda J Bauer,


"You've provided an older gentleman with a new lease on life!"

"Jim, I had to let you know that I consider myself extremely fortunate to have been one of the original students in your Mini-Site Creator e-class.

I'm technologically challenged. Although I've successfully created business operations in most of the major trading areas of the world, I could not for the life of me figure out how to create a mini-site and put it up on the Web.

You've provided an older gentleman with a new lease on life! I'm forever indebted to you. In all my business experience I've met few people with your communication skills. You're the consummate educator. Keep up the great work!My heartfelt thanks" -- George H. Lutz


"..Created a Whole New [Consulting] Revenue Stream for Me!"

"Mini-Site Creator helped me understand the 'geeky' side of online marketing. In fact… I got into it SO heavily and created SO many mini-sites, the sectors I operate in… have been contacting me on how I can help them do exactly what I do.

It’s created a whole new revenue stream for me. Jim, I can’t wait for MSC v2.0!" -- John on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"... this course has already paid me back 10 times over..."

"The information in this course has already paid me back 10 times over. If you have a bad case of guruitis take a double dose of Mini-site Creator you'll stop wishin and start doin. This is your chance to finally get that damn site up." -- Earl Adkins, Baltimore, MD


"There wasn't one piece of the puzzle that he didn't give us!"

"If I had two words to describe this course it would be 'over deliver.'

Jim Edwards' course on mini-sites is more than I ever imagined. I do not know HTML and have absolutely no desire to learn HTML, yet I knew I needed to have mini-sites to take my business to the next level. So, when I heard about Jim's course I jumped at the chance to learn how to create mini-sites without knowing HTML.

His videos are easy to follow and understand. He took potentially complicated material and broke it down into easily manageable pieces. I am building my first site and loving every minute of it. I am having fun and producing a professional looking Web site.

But that's not all....Jim teaches you not only how to build the site, but how to make it be a successful marketing tool. He shares his talent and his incredible knowledge as an Internet Marketer. And this guy doesn't hold back!

There wasn't one piece of the puzzle that he didn't give us.

I feel like I won the Lotto with this class. He even brought in Yanik Silver to share his copywriting secrets with us. Then Jim adds a bonus week to the class and shares his traffic generating ideas with us! Over deliver? You bet. Worth the money? More than worth it.

Jim, not only did you teach us how to make the site, but you continually gave us the confidence that we can do it and kept us excited and motivated about our projects. I know you care about our success and it really came through in your audio lessons with us. Thank you. Thank you.

I am SO glad I had this opportunity to be in this class with you."-- Michelle Howe


"I think you should change the name to 'Money Site Creator'..."

"Here's what I think about your Mini Site Course...

First, I think you should change the name to "Money Site Creator"... because it really is the quick, easy way to set up and sell online!

Then you should raise the price!

Here's why...I have taken several "How To Set Up a Website" classes, bought the books, and joined the paid membership sites. BUT I still couldn't do it... until I took your Mini Site Creator course.

This course is really the only step-by-step method I’ve ever seen that shows and tells you how to set up to SELL online. And all the pieces of the puzzle are included: Hook up payment processing, Add a Web site form for subscribers, Create automatic emails for mini courses or newsletters, Set up a download page for your product, Add a Thank You for your payment confirmation page, Create a Google Proof opt-in form, Add audio to my page, Manage the back end from 1 simple page,

But wait... as the Internet gurus say... there really is so much more!

I honestly believe that if I had taken this class 3 years ago, I would have saved over $10,000 (I have receipts), and instead of having 2 bookcases of other peoples ebooks about "What you NEED to do" -- but never show you HOW -- I would have had several "Money Sites" online right now and maybe one bookcase filled with my own products.

This is truly the brainless, painless way to GET ONLINE and SELL! You over delivered... and I can't say THANK YOU enough!" -- Sara Quick


"His templates alone are worth the cost of the entire course..."

"Jim Edward's Mini-Site Creator course is truly extraordinary. He's a real expert in the field and provides a wealth of material that isn't available elsewhere. His templates alone are worth the cost of the entire course.

I've tried to get a website up and running any number of times but I wasn't successful until I met Jim. Now I'm looking forward to realizing my dreams with my first site. And I have established a new career as an e-Book author!" -- Susan Bernard


"If you can't follow his instructions, it's because you didn't follow his instructions."

"I have been a fan of Jim Edwards for some time now. I have 7-Day Ebook, 33 Days to Online Profits, the wonderful tell-it-like-it-is Five Steps to Getting Anything You Want, and now the Mini-Site Creator.

Jim's products are always easy to understand and easy to implement. In addition, they are highly entertaining and fun. Jim's way of explaining things is down-to-earth and straightforward.

If you can't follow his instructions, it's because you didn't follow his instructions.

Jim's advice to get your website up during the course is right on and reminds me of my husband's doctoral dissertation advisor who said, "Don't get it right, get it written." (The second step is to get it right.)" -- Mattie Hodge


"...this was the turning point in my Internet entrepreneurial life. Plain and simple... "

"I ran into the classic problem of getting someone to commit my ideas to an actual website. I could create content all day long, but just couldn't create my own website using the knowledge that I had.

Jim, your mini-site class offer came to me on the exact day that I decided I had to learn to be a webmaster on my own.

Within 3 weeks I accomplished everything I had ever hoped to accomplish and feel like this was the turning point in my internet entrepreneurial life.

Plain and simple, there is no other course like this on the web. There is no other course that cuts to the nitty gritty like this one. It is incredibly result-oriented.

Fantastic job, Jim. Absolutely fantastic! Thanks for the future you have given me." -- Jeff Griffin


"Jim, you've done it with Mini-Site Creator - in fact, you've over-delivered as usual!"

"Over the years I've looked for or tried to create a course that teaches people what they really need to know to set up a mini-site. Jim, you've done it with Mini-Site Creator - in fact, you've over-delivered as usual!

This course is easy to follow, gives all the details without being tedious and takes users so much further than anything else on the market. Thanks for giving us such a great tool - and great insight into creating mini-sites that go beyond the traditional sales letter!"-- Jeanette S. Cates, PhD, The Technology Tamer


"I'm astounded at how you can offer such a thorough and detailed mini-site course at such a reasonable cost..."

"I needed to build a successful website. Your clear and logical step-by step process along with your personal presentation accompanying the learning modules while each was simultaneously displayed on the computer screen, made each learning block of information incredibly easy to follow and understand.

I don't know of anything more you could present in your course that would make constructing a mini web site any easier than you've made it be. You've done an award-winning job of turning what could be a complex process into something understandable and easy to accomplish.

I'm astounded at how you can offer such a thorough and detailed mini-site course at such a reasonable cost. If anyone is interested in really learning once and for all how to construct their own mini website, your course is the ONLY one to choose.

I'm truly grateful to you for the time and effort you put forth to make this course possible. I'm hoping you'll offer it again, because I have friends and colleagues who want to be notified if you do. I'll also take this opportunity to say that ALL the products I've purchased from you over the years have been most helpful to me in my profession and continue to serve me well.

Thank you for continuing to present *excellent* products, materials, and superior customer service."-- Larry Canova, Pres. & CEO, Langley-Merritt, Inc., Mission Viejo, CA


"If you're serious about business on the net... look and listen to Jim Edwards' Mini-Site Creator Course."

"If you're serious about business on the net and you want to take control from your end then you really should have a look and listen to Jim Edwards' Mini-Site Course.

I had spent plenty of hours and dollars trying to get a site up and operational - with no prior knowledge. You know how frustrating this can be for the un-initiated!

I completed Jim Edwards's 'Mini-Site Creator' in my own time while I was going to work each day.

The course was easy to understand! Jim literally walked me through the process even anticipating some of the mistakes that I was going to make before I made them.

I'm the kind of person that needs to have personal contact in the teaching process - boy was I surprised at the level of energy that Jim Edwards gave out during the course and the special guest marketing Gurus.

Did Jim Edwards deliver what he promised? You Betcha!!!

I put together a web site that both my wife and I are proud of...It represents our personality - Of course! - We designed it! - with help from Jim Edwards Min-Site Course.

I've been a teacher for over 25 years and I know what it takes to put together and deliver a program on any topic.

Let me say it again - Jim Edwards Mini-Site Course is a must for those that want to get a firm grasp on the basics of producing an operational web site." -- Kevin Hinton, MA, North Dakota


"A BIG Two Thumbs Way UP!"

I've been publishing on the Internet since 1995, and have produced a regular biweekly email newsletter since 2000, but putting up a Mini-Site was one task I had not quite been able to master yet.

Our daughter Beth (age 15) told me: "I had no clue about how to build a Mini-Site. Based on my previous attempts I thought it was impossible, at least for me, to do." And as for myself, I had been working for nearly two years trying to get a complete, working Mini-Site up and running, without much success so far.

I was always stopped by one seemingly insurmountable problem or another. While I'm a slow learner through conventional, experience-driven or book-study means, Beth and I both found your video tutorial approach just the kind of training we needed to finally get the task done.

Thanks for a job well done, and for being there to help us help ourselves, with your easy-to-review, faster-than-reading, informative Mini-Site Creator program, not to mention your insight and experience into the intricacies of working Mini-Site Creation! A BIG Two Thumbs Way UP!" -- Richard Scott


"I was amazed how easy it really was!"

The Mini-Site Creator Course was jammed packed with all you need to create mini-sites. I was amazed how easy it really was!

Before your course I was soooo confused about how to build a website. But through the course, confusion turned into excitement, laughter, and an awesome feeling of accomplishment when it was all done.

You're an excellent teacher and you make learning a whole lot of fun! Thank you sooo much!!!! Great Thanks" -- Marianne


"If I can understand the lessons and use them to create a mini-site, anyone can, no matter their age or skills!"

"Hi Jim I wanted to thank you for all the hard work you put in on the Mini Site Creator. The information you gave in the course was far more than I expected. I grew up in an age with the Lone Ranger, Tonto, The Shadow and many more radio programs. Computers were not part of my life.

I was astonished how simple yet comprehensive the Mini-Site Creator course was.

If I can understand the lessons and use them to create a mini-site, anyone can, no matter their age or skills. A real great value, but more important the knowledge to create.

I received the Mini-Site Creator course and was very pleased with it. I was impressed with all the professional work you have put in to it. You stated that you are really proud of the course and rightly so, this course is way beyond any other course that is available on the internet today.

I hope there is more info like the Mini-Site Creator in the oven...thanks" -- Bill Sargent Bountiful, UT


"Mini-Site Creator is
the answer to
a newbie's prayer!"

"Dear Jim, Thanks to you and your course, Mini-site Creator, my very first website is up and running!

Your course left no stone unturned. It was thorough without a bunch of fluff that people add to their courses just to make them seem valuable. I had bought other courses in the past, but none explained to me exactly how to put together a website.

Not only did your course explain how to build a website in terms a newbie can understand, but you also provided all the tools to make it possible!!

Mini-Site Creator is the answer to a newbie's prayer! Many of us can't seem to figure out exactly how to get a website up and running. Your course takes out the guesswork and provides clear direction in an easy to understand format.

Thanks again, Jim, for all your help. If it wasn't for you and your awesome course, I wouldn't have a website!"-- Cara Yowell,


"This course really did me a lot of good!"

"The course on mini-sites was very good in that he helped me get more organized in my operations not only on building a mini-site but also in planning my procedures.

Really, I was wasting a lot of time trying to do so many things at one time I was getting nowhere. Until Jim showed us we had to break it into small chunks.

Also, I had a problem in that I wanted the new customer to enroll in three items at the same time. I had no idea how to start the actions until he showed us how to modify the code in one of the bonuses.

After that it was simple. This course really did me a lot of good!" -- Hal Olney


"...I refer to your spectacular information almost daily."

"...I refer to your spectacular information almost daily. Out of everything I have bought over the internet during the last two years your information is truly the easiest and most comprehensive to work with.

I can honestly say all four or five products (could be more) I have purchased from you are all my favorites and the ones I refer to the most.

Your writing and teaching style makes me feel like you're in the same room looking over my shoulder! You make a great coach, even long distance. I'm looking forward to more of your "Internet Visions in a Box".

Anything you need or I can do just let me know. Thanks again for helping me have a prosperous and affluent New Year!" -- Vickie


"I have been trying to get started in Internet marketing for several years... Mini-Site Creator gave me the missing link."

"Just a short note about the mini-site creation course. In a word WOW, the most fitting description I can think of.

I have been trying to get started in internet marketing for several years, but just couldn't put it all together. The Mini-Site Creator gave me the missing link. In just a few weeks, since completing the course, I have a several page site up and running.

Thank you for a great course and the personal help in answering the few questions that I had overlooked in the material. Thanks again for a great course!" -- Jerald Hudgins


"The #1 thing I learned from this course is how to actually do the things that can let me create a real business..."

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is how to actually do the things that can let me create a real business...the information in this course has already motivated me to get my own sites set up and I've already got folks in my autoresponder sequence.

Jim is the absolute best teacher. He shows you exactly how to do it, he even shows you the mistakes and how to fix them. He makes everything seem so logical you won't be afraid to take action any more. Get this right now and you'll truly be on your way." -- Dianna Roberts, Houston, TX


"Don't even bother to attempt creating a profitable web site without this tool..."

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is just how easy posting a profitable web site can be. I've already made more income income in less time than I've ever experienced with any other program.

Don't even bother to attempt creating a profitable web site without this tool.
The time and money saved getting everything you need from "Mini-Site Creator" all in one place is worth more than the original investment." -- Brian Latta and Steve Wall, California and Utah


"I use Mini-Site Creator every single day...and I'm ahead of those who don't..."

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is EXACTLY how to set up blogs and scripts, and this course has already taught me things that nobody else has even offered to do. I use Mini-Site-Creator every single day...and I'm ahead of those who don't.

When I first saw the course I remember saying: "I'm not going to pay that"...Well, after about 10 times of thinking about what I really didn't know - I finally jumped on it, and it has been the best thing I ever did. If you pass it up, then 'stupid-you'...sorry, but that's the truth. There is NOBODY ELSE TEACHING THIS." -- Al Forsberg, Yonkers, New York


"Jim's course has ALL the answers..."

"Jim's course has all the answers...even to questions you don't know you have! You'll kick yourself once you realize all the business you lost while waiting to buy this course." -- Robert Yarborough, Colorado Springs, CO


"I could never have learned how to do any of this from someone else!..."

"Jim gives so much education in all of his products, I have made a commitment to buy everything with his name on it. Keep them coming, you are my official continuing education provider!

Because of your detailed common sense teaching I have created a website, I can write sales letters, use auto responders, upload to a server, etc, etc. I could never have learned how to do any of this from someone else! Jim has given me a passive income that would never have been possible without him!

My first check from Click Bank will be around $800.00 and I have big things planned for my online future. I never take a compliment on my work without giving Jim Edwards his dues. It is all because of him that I have an online website (running on autopilot) and the tools/skills to operate it.

I can honestly say that I never thought I could learn how to do any of the things Jim as taught me how to do, and I look forward to what Jim can teach me in the future. I am very thankful that with all of the imposters I could have accidentally come into contact with while looking for this information I found the "real deal" with Jim Edwards! Trust Jim Edwards and his products to take you to that next level." -- Summer Parks, Columbus, Ohio


"If you want nuts-and-bolts, leave-no-stone-unturned, step-by-step instructions, then buy Jim's Mini-Site course..."

"As a rental property landlord, Mini-Site Creator Platinum allowed me to post a mini site to advertise an apartment that needed a new tenant. I optimized the site for an appropriate keyword phrase and set up a couple of incoming links.

The site was indexed by Google within 24 hours and I ended up finding a great tenant within a week. No traditional advertising costs! In the past, I would have paid $100's of dollars to run classified print ads in the local newspapers. As it turned out, my apartment rented so fast, that I didn't even have time to finish everything I had planned for my mini-site.

I've spent 1000's of dollars on other Internet Marketing programs that completely and utterly flopped when it came to the actual 'how-to' part of building a web site. If you want nuts-and-bolts; leave-no-stone-unturned; step-by-step instructions; then buy Jim's Mini-site course." -- Doug Lietz, Vancouver, BC, Canada


"The #1 thing I learned from this course is how to write much better sales copy in
1/2 the time.

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is how to write much better sales copy in 1/2 the time.

The information in this course has already saved me 14 days on writing a salesletter (before the course it took me 28 days, now it's 14). I have about 5 salesletters to write in the next 6 months. So I guess that means I am saving 70 days in the next 6 months - nice! I also know the quality of my letters has improved drastically - my business partner was astounded at the last one I just made. The salesletters stuff alone was worth way way WAY more than the price."

If you want to succeed online - all the info is in the minsite creator takes it to the next level for real ecommerce and hardcore cash making tips." -- John Hillage, Portsmouth, UK


"The information in this course has already enabled me to build and upload websites..."

"I learned from this course how to actually make and upload a website and the tips and tricks with scripts. But the course does far than a simple testimonial can actually say.

The information in this course has already enabled me build and upload websites and as I progress I will be able to add scripts to my sites for specific needs and be able to make follow up autoresponders and a whole lot more.

If you are not sure as to whether or not you should get the Mini Site Creator course from Jim, just believe me...get it. Jim over-delivers as usual and it will be money very well spent." -- John Charlton, Sydney, Australia


"The extra information is very helpful and
I have found Jim Edwards to deliver well for the money you pay

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is I had the information for my e-book, but didn't know how to get it into that form. You also saved me $200. When I went to buy the updated version of Acrobat Reader I remembered you had said any version from 5 up would work so I bought a version 6 new from Amazon. It did everything I needed for this project.

The information in this course has already helped me to get my web site up...I had so many little questions. This is all so new to me I really like the basic 'here's what you do' approach.

I would recommend getting your own copy if you want to do it yourself and don't really know how. The extra information is very helpful and I have found Jim Edwards to deliver well for the money you pay." -- Cory Davis, Logan, UT


"Get off the fence and get it if you are serious about using the Internet to market products or services. Well worth the money..."

"I learned from this course, believe it or not, as the Nike tag line says, just do it. All the mechanical processes for starting and promoting a web site are very clearly laid out in a very logical and comprehensive fashion from A to Z. So the only thing I have to do, is... just do it.

The information in this course has already caused me to conceive and start to develop three information products because now I can see a way to get them to market in a timely and cost effective manner.

Get off the fence and get it if you are serious about using the internet to market products or services. Well worth the money." -- Brian, Riverside, CA


"'s so easy, anyone can do it! Jim explains each step thoroughly and makes it all easy to understand..."

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is that it's so easy, anyone can do it! Jim explains each step thoroughly and makes it all easy to understand.

The information in this course has already given me the confidence to finally get my first site up. Fear of html and webpages had been holding me back from making money on the internet, but now I've gotten my first site almost finished and plan to have it on the Net in the next day or two!

This course has been instrumental in getting my internet business off the ground. If you're new to website creation, like I was, don't worry. Jim leads you step by step through the process. You'll have your own sites up in no time!" -- K. Hardin, Osceola, MO


" really can create an income with mere words and the ability to set up a mini site..."

"The #1 thing I learned from this course is you really can create an income with mere words and the ability to set up a mini site.

The information in this course will allow me to always be able to produce a list that will in turn produce an income.

It's definitely worth the price. If you're like me, do it even if you don't tell your spouse, they appreciate the end results." -- E. Myles, Sahuarita, AZ


"Just the tips from Lesson 3 are worth the price of admission..."

"Jim Edwards is the man! Jim thoroughly dissects each topic and makes it very easy to understand which allows us to take actionable steps where real success comes from! Just the tips from Lesson 3 are worth the price of admission...

The information in this course has already allowed me to focus on the things that actually help me make money.

Don't buy this product...if you're looking to fail!! :) The original Mini-site Creator is great but with the updated edition, Jim is basically handing us a business on a platter. I'm still reeling from all the information. Buy this product now before Jim realizes he may have let out too much info!"
-- Mark Ramos, Spring Valley, NY


"A REAL Opportunity to Make Living So My Family Can Get Out of the 'Slave Market'"

"JIM, Because of YOU, and Meeting you, I have found your products and a breath of fresh air. Your products, and specifically your “MINI SITE CREATOR” course(s) are the reason that I have a site up, sites just about to come up, and a REAL opportunity to make a living so that my family can get out of the 'SLAVE MARKET.'

Not only do I thank you for what you have worked to provide me, but I am impatiently awaiting the next step in the MINI SITE product evolution you will offer us." -- J. Rogers


"Jim is a GREAT Coach"

"I have Version 1 of the Mini-Site Creator…Before this first version, I was a complete newbie…but now, I can build mini-sites for others. The first version was VERY GOOD but I’ll purchase the version 2. Why ? Because JIM is a GREAT coach" -- Didier, France


"On the Many Occasions When I Asked For Help...You Always Answered Me Quickly and In Great Detail.."

"Now, I gotta tell you. I am 73 years old and a couple of years ago all I could do with a computer was to turn it on.

"Lucky for me the first site I found was your course on 'How to Create Your Own Real Money-Making Mini-Sites'.
You not only taught me how to create mini-sites but how to use them, how to find a host, how to use an autoresponder, and so much more.

Not only that but on the many occasions when I asked for help you always answered me quickly and in great detail. Thank You so much Jim" -- Bette Carmer


"An Easy Way for Anyone to...Build an Internet Business"

"Hi Jim, I have had my site up for several years. It has been there for customers to find me and for my company to have an Internet presence.

I built it when I couldn’t afford to pay anyone to do it for me, and to give me an opportunity to learn how to build web sites. I’m not sure if you are aware, but I built another one as well using Mini Site Creator and you can find it at I put it up as my resource page for my transcription services web site.

If the information in the Mini Site Creator did nothing else for me, it showed me “how” a web site is created so that I understood the basics and could go from there. I love the product and highly recommend it. It’s an easy way for anyone to build an Internet presence and to build an Internet business." -- Patsy Bellah


"A Timely Product...Regularly Use it As a Reference!"

"I think the mini-site creator product is excellent and it was the product that was the catalyst to me actually being able to get past the barrier of putting a basic website up.

So for me, it was a timely product and I regularly use it as a reference when I need assistance." -- Clint on "I Gotta Tell You" blog


"Would Have Taken Me SO MUCH LONGER to Figure Out If I Didn't Have This Program..."

"I think your mini site creator is GREAT! Very clear audio, video, and written instructions. Easy to follow…and if I miss or forget something, I can always go back and review things.

The mini site creator has helped me to create many mini pages very quickly.

My site is not the greatest but it must be interesting to some people, because it is really moving up in the Alexa rankings.

I just keep adding more pages with good content that people are searching for. Thank you for creating this program. It has helped me to learn basic skills as well as advanced techniques that would have taken me so much longer to figure out if I didn’t have this program.

Most of all, you are teaching people the skills needed and giving them the encouragement to just get started. Thanks again." -- Benson Wong

Mini Site Creator 2

Only a handful of students will be accepted for this ALL-NEW e-Class...

The course is currently closed for an upgrade, but subscribe below to be the first to know when the upgrade is complete.

"Finally! A Quick and Easy Way For YOU
to Painlessly Set Up Your OWN
'Mini' Websites...
Being a Computer Geek,
Buying Expensive Software, or Paying Outrageous Fees To A Webmaster!

Which of these mini-sites do you want to create?

Instant One-Page Sales Letters...

Newsletters or Ezines...

Forced Optin "Squeeze" Pages...

Affiliate "Pre-Sell" Mini-sites...

Quick Cash Google Landing Pages...

Product "Review" Mini-Sites...

Niche Market Research Mini-Sites...

Whatever type of mini-site you want... I'll teach you everything
you need to know to create and post your own
professional level mini-sites, and... I'll even include
ALL my NEW Never-Before-Released Software,
60+ website templates, and the 30 days deluxe web hosting
you need to get started -- for FREE!

"Are you constantly thinking of little web sites that you could set up to make money?"

Do you see the MASSIVE amount of opportunity on the

Are you being held back because you lack the skills and expertise of how to set up an effective moneymaking web site?

If you answered "Yes" to ANY of these questions... this may be the most important letter you read all year! Why?

Because once you learn this simple process, you can create as many mini-sites as you want... as often as you want... whenever you want!

From The Desk Of Jim Edwards
Re: YOUR Own Money-Making
"Mini" Websites

Dear Friend,

Does this frustrate you, too?

Maybe you want to post an article...

Maybe you want to sell an ebook you wrote or bought resale rights to (so people can buy and download right from your website)...

Maybe you just want to set up a simple "About Me" page for your eBay auctions...

Maybe you want to drive traffic to your affiliate links through Google AdWords, but you need to be able to quickly set up a "landing" page to test your ideas...

Maybe you just want to set up a simple newsletter site or a forced optin "squeeze" page that lets people sign up for your newsletter.

Right now you know WHAT you want to do... but nobody has ever shown you the "nuts and bolts" mechanics of HOW to do it STEP-BY-STEP on the web.

I don't know about you, but this situation
sure frustrated the hell out of me!

You know, when you buy a great ebook, audio program, or home study course on how to do something on the Internet... and it tells you exactly WHAT to do as far as making money online, but there's always ONE big glaring hole in the material...

You NEED a Website... or the ability to get a website
set up FAST and EASY!

When I was starting out online, all I wanted was a simple web page posted on the Internet to sell my ebook, collect credit card payments, collect subscribers, deliver the ebook on "auto-pilot" and establish a solid presence from which to grow my business on the Web! (like all the gurus promised I could).

Nothing fancy.

No bells, whistles, or dancing bears.

But everywhere I looked for help, I only found 3 options (none of which made sense for me as a newbie).

In fact...

Until Now, These Are The Only Options People
Gave You To Get A Website Set Up...

  1. They tell you to hire someone from or (and until offering the web's most comprehensive course on creating money-making mini-sites, this was the only option even I could give people).

  2. They tell you to go buy FrontPage or Dreamweaver and figure out how to do it yourself (with a manual no human being could understand to make the software work... and besides, if you could figure out how to do it yourself, you would have done it already!)

  3. .

  4. They tell you to use some template site builder service or a $49 - $199 software program with limited options and flexibility (that makes you totally dependent on that service with a monthly fee far in excess of what you should consider reasonable hosting cost. Plus, you usually end up not being able to do exactly what you want).

Not very appealing options are they?

Either it costs you an arm and a leg to get a site done by some designer who wants to charge you like you're a big, rich corporation with an unlimited marketing budget....  Or you pull your hair out trying to understand how to use some complicated program that looks like the control panel on the space shuttle.... 

Or worse yet, you get locked into using a service that wants to charge you a fat wad of money every month and/or every time you want to put up a new mini-site!

NONE of those choices should be very appealing to you (they sure weren't appealing to me), but since I didn't have any money to hire someone, I was forced to go through years of pain teaching myself how to put up a killer mini-site. (If you've been online for any length of time does this sound familiar?)

The great news is...

It Has Never Been Easier or Cheaper To Set Up
Your Own Moneymaking Mini-Sites! 
(Especially when you compare it to the horror
I went through to get started back in 1997!)

But I'm getting ahead of myself!

Let me give you a little background. Back in 1997 I just needed a simple website to offer my real estate ebook for sale. Since I couldn't afford to hire any of the web "designers" (who wanted $75-150 per hour to help me!) I had to do it myself. 

First I used a program called Microsoft Publisher to create my website... and, frankly, that website sucked! The fonts looked like crap... the page file sizes were so big I could feel myself getting older while they slowly loaded in my Web browser... in short, the site looked like total junk. I even got it up on the web by using a free web hosting account with my ISP (because I was too scared to risk the $70 it cost to buy a domain name).

First hurdle jumped... I had my first website online and "live."

Only one problem though.... since the site looked like crap, I wasn't really making any sales (I made a grand total of 2 sales ). So the next step was to spend more money trying to solve the problem...

I scraped together $70.00 for a domain name (you can buy them for $9.20 now) and I signed up for a "real" web hosting account (for $49.00 a month!).

Somebody told me I should start using FrontPage... because "that's what all the pros use." So I went and borrowed $100 (on a nearly maxed-out credit card) and spent it on the FrontPage 98 software. (At the time I was living in a trailer and barely had 2 cents to rub together... so $100 was a BIG stretch.)

I went back to the trailer park (where I barely had two dimes to rub together), installed FrontPage, took one look at it and said... "How in the hell do I use this?"

So, as is the case with most software, the manual that came with FrontPage was completely worthless! So I went to the local bookstore to buy a "How To Use FrontPage" book that was about 5 inches thick (another $49 into the deal). After struggling through the book for a couple of weeks, I managed to get a new version of my website up... and truth be told, it was one of the ugliest things you've ever seen... but it was better than the previous website.

Pretty soon, with some basic promotion (and I mean BASIC) and a little bit of luck, some sales started coming in to cover expenses on the site (I was processing credit cards manually through my Aunt's craft shop at the outlet mall... ClickBank and other easy payment processors hadn't been discovered yet).

Looking back, you can see that I fell into many of the classic "traps" in getting your mini-site up and running
(Traps you will avoid once you learn the secrets to creating your own mini-sites!)

First, I needed to get a basic mini-site designed and up on the Web. 

Looking back over the years, I know now that I could have quickly and easily avoided wasting the months I spent designing my site and graphics from scratch ... if I'd had someone to show me step-by-step exactly what to do and how to do it correctly.

Second, I processed credit cards manually and made people wait for their purchases. 

Now I know there are MANY different options for taking credit cards instantly over the Web, but back then I didn't have the money or knowledge to know what to do... (Don't worry, many credit card processors don't care what kind of credit you have AND cost hardly anything to set up... heck, I was fresh out of bankruptcy when my businesses finally took off).

Third, I didn't automatically follow up with people via email. 

It sounds silly, but back in 1997 there were NO follow up auto-responders that would send a sequence of emails to people over a period of days, weeks, and months or let you broadcast to your entire list... you had to do it manually (UGH!).

Probably the biggest challenge I faced was figuring out how to set up a product "download page!"

I'd bought and downloaded stuff off the Web before, but for the life of me, I couldn't figure out HOW to set up a page that would let people download the ebooks they were buying from me. I finally got it figured out when a computer programmer friend of mine explained the process of HOW to do it (God bless him, but it was no picnic trying to understand what he was telling me).

A couple of years later when follow-up autoresponders finally got "invented," I decided to add one to my site to start automatically following up with my visitors... and it took another month to figure out how to set that up .

It Seems Like Every "Simple" Little Thing
You Need To Do To Your Website
Takes 1-2 Months To Figure Out!..

All those little "30 second jobs" seem to take 20 hours of hair-pulling frustration to figure out the first time!

I could go on for 10 pages about my aggravation over the years trying to set up what seems "simple" now (but at the time seemed like HUGE obstacles that I might never overcome). I'm sure you've been in those shoes before

Things like:

  • How to set up, post, and display a simple sales letter online, so you can sell your ebooks and make money...

  • How to set up a download page to offer a free report, ebook, or software, so you can let people download their purchases on "auto-pilot"...

  • How to put a simple autoresponder form on your website, so you can get subscribers to your newsletters, forced optin "squeeze" pages and build your profitable list...

  • How to display your affiliate links to sell other people's products and bank those FAT commission checks everyone talks about...

  • And a lot more!

Bottom Line: Just like me, it would take you years on your own to figure out all the mechanics of doing this "stuff" to quickly and easily create mini-sites (the kind of sites your typical "web designer" has NO CLUE about) that load fast and work in all web browsers... and you can create them over and over again as many times as you want!

BUT, the great news is, you're about to save yourself ALL those years of time, trouble, and frustration!

Introducing my new hold-you-by-the-hand-and-show-you-exactly-what-to-do e-class program....

"Mini-Site Creator v2.0"
Now Faster, Easier and
More Automated
Than Ever Before! 

The original Mini-Site Creator v1.0 was one of the hottest selling products ever online because of its breakthrough, step-by-step, click-by-click video training to create money-making mini-sites FAST. 

And now, with new techniques, exclusive do-it-for-you software and hands-free battle-tested marketing methods, Mini-Site Creator v2.0 is the new gold standard of 'how to cash in online with mini-sites' training!

The course is taught exclusively as an Online e-Class and Membership Site.  Due to the nature of this e-class, we only have a limited number of spaces available.  This should get you very excited, because...

I'm Going To Personally "Show & Tell" You
Everything You Need To Know To Set Up
As Many of YOUR OWN Money-Making Mini-Sites
As You Want... 100% Guaranteed!

That's right, in this breakthrough e-class I'm going to pull back the curtain and show you everything I know about the mechanics of creating simple, fast loading, effective mini-sites... and I'll show you how to "wash-rinse-repeat" the process over and over again to create as many money-making mini-sites as you want.

Originally, v1.0 of this course was offered as a small e-class to only 37 people. But, frankly, the real  purpose behind putting it together was specifically to create a complete "mini-site training program" for my assistant (who also happens to be my niece).

That original course has sold extremely well (thousands of students have taken the course) with virtually no changes for almost 4 years. Now, if it's so good, you might ask why I'm teaching it again? In other words, "if it ain't broke, why fix it?"

Here's why I'm totally revamping and recreating what was already the "Gold Standard" of Mini-Site Design courses...

You may or may not know that my son-in-law, Jon Holt, was seriously wounded in Iraq. The truck he was driving was blown up in the middle of the night and 2 of the 5 soldiers in the vehicle were killed. The other three soldiers, including Jon, were gravely injured.

The blast mutilated his right leg, burned his lungs, and injured his eyes.

He almost bled to death on the hood of a truck just outside of Bagdad.

Jon will never fully regain his ability to walk correctly (and he was the lucky one).

Not too long ago I drove Jon to Walter Reed Army Medical Center. During the 3-hour ride Jon expressed to me his fears about providing for his young family. He has a wife (my daughter) and a son (my grandbaby, Johnny) and won't be able to go back to his original job once the Army releases him. He confessed that the uncertainty about his ability to work had him pretty scared about their future. (I bet you've had a time or two in your life when events made you scared about how you were going to keep it together for your family financially.)

As we talked, he also revealed to me that his injuries mean he can't sit for very long. His blurred vision and frequent, intense headaches make it hard to concentrate. He can only sit still and concentrate for a total of about 2 hours a day, before the stiffness and pain get so intense he must stop to rest.

As we talked, I explained to Jon how my mini site business works and how our income gets spread out over dozens and dozens (and dozens) of different sites in various niche markets. You should have seen his eyes light up when I told him the money would just keep coming in from these little sites, even if I decided to quit working.

At that moment Jon told me he wanted his own mini-sites business and asked me to teach him how I "do what I do" with mini sites. I said "Yes!" (Just like you, the light bulb went off in Jon's head as he realized the massive, life-changing potential of having his own, real online business using mini sites.)

But what I didn't tell him was that the light bulb went off in my head too. The original "Mini Site Creator" course was not going to work for him. Because of his severe limitations and time restrictions, I would have to give him access to what I nicknamed the "mini site machine" -- software I'd been developing and using myself for the last several years. I would have to teach Jon the mini-site business AND integrate the software into his training.

After further reflection, I realized that if I was going to take the time to teach Jon to use all of my private, proprietary software (that I've been using for years), I might as well revamp the entire course to help everyone else who faces time constraints, physical limitations, or family / work situations that only give them an hour or two a day to devote to their business.

When I mentioned this to my good friend, Chris Zavadowski, he said something that hit me like a cold shower. He said "WOW! When you do that for Jon, that'll sure remove any excuse for everyone else. If he's all messed up from being wounded and can do it, nobody else will have an excuse for not getting up off their ass and doing it!"

And he's right.

With the "Mini Site Creator v2.0" e-Class, this exclusive software, and with these streamlined techniques and training, there is no excuse not to finally get your own money-making mini-sites posted online.

In fact, before we go any further, let me introduce the core foundation of my new training...

The "Mini Site Machine"
Point-and-Click Software Wizards
These never-before-released software wizards
Fully Automate 95% of the mini-site building process for you...

Imagine this...

Click a button - fill in the blanks...

Click a button - do some EASY editing with the software's built-in editor...

Click a button - automatically upload to your hosting account...

Click a button - see YOUR own fully functional mini-sites online and open for business!

Well that's exactly what you get with the Mini Site Machine Software Wizards (and a whole lot more)!

Here's a quick sampling of the powerful software you'll be fully trained on how to use...

"Mini-Site Sales Page" Wizard

If you've ever struggled to get a sales letter online, this software will have your sales letter done and posted on your website in an afternoon, guaranteed

Fill in some blanks about your product. Choose from one of our 60 professionally designed mini-site templates.

Fill in your headline, bullets, product details, order link, company data and other information in the easy step-by-step wizard.

Click a button and the software creates your sales page and (optional) download page, then uploads it to your hosting account (works with virtually every website hosting) and you're ready to go.

This software provides the ultimate flexibility for creating sales and download pages for downloadable or physical products as well as services and even affiliate offers.

REAL Value: $397.00

"Optin Page" Wizard

Need to set up a newsletter? (It's one of the best ways to build a list!)

Need to set up a forced opt-in "squeeze" page for your sales letter? (It's a great way to follow up with people and make sales!)

The Optin Page Wizard makes it point-and-click simple to set up any mini-site where you want to invite people to join your list or force them to give you information before they can move on to your sales letter.

Just paste in your autoresponder code (works with Aweber, 1Shopping Cart, AR+, and literally any other autoresponder), fill in the blanks, choose from one of 60 professionally designed html templates, click a button and PRESTO!

Your optin page is online - either as a stand alone newsletter mini-site, or as the "front door" for your own product or affiliate offer.

REAL Value: $297.00

"Most Burning Question" Wizard

The Most Burning Question (MBQ) Wizard cuts the time it takes to put up a research mini site down to a mere 5-10 minutes! (from what used to take 3-4 hours!)

Don't know what your target niche audience wants to buy? Well imagine having them tell you exactly what they want to buy from you,(before you waste your time creating a product they don't actually want!).

Want to publish a newsletter or blog, but you aren't sure what people want you to publish about? Well, imagine them giving you a nice neat list of questions you can answer. Then you'll be armed with some KILLER content to put on your newsletter or post on your blog (or you can even just pay someone else to answer those questions for you and you take the credit).

You can use this tool to quickly research markets, rate people's interest in your topics, and a whole lot more!

REAL Value: $297.00

"Exit Page Redirector" Wizard

This software enables you to quickly and easily make a "last chance" offer to people when they click off one of your pages. That means if they leave your sales page without buying, you could offer them a free report or a last-chance discount.

Or, if they leave your optin page without signing up, you can make them an alternative offer or just let them see your sales page even though they didn't sign up.

Unlike other exit solutions that are very abrupt and tend to make people angry when they leave, my "Exit Page Redirector" Wizard is so smooth they may not even realize they've been redirected when they were trying to get away.

REAL Value: $97.00

"Affiliate Link Cloaker PRO 4.0"

This never-before-released software that makes it super simple to, among other things, create "cloaked" redirect pages.

Imagine sending your prospects to virtually ANY page on the merchant's site (even directly to their order link) and still having your affiliate cookie set so you get credit for the sale.

Just this one feature makes it invaluable for overcoming the dirty little trap of affiliate marketing that nobody wants to talk about: "Double Jeopardy" Optin!

Affiliate Link Cloaker PRO 4.0 makes it simple and easy to refer visitors through your affiliate link without getting hijacked and avoiding the double optin page problem other affiliates face.

REAL Value: $197.00

Plus, I'm throwing in my "Ultimate Subscription Box with Magic Pop-Up" Software that also carries an additional REAL Value of  $97.00

So, as you can see, all of the "Mini Site Machine" Wizard Software modules have a combined REAL Value of $1,382.00

In fact, here's what my friend (and affiliate marketing guru) Ryan Deiss, had to say about Affiliate Link Cloaker PRO 4.0 when he got a test copy of it last year. Until now, he's one of only 7 people ever to get their hands on this version of the software!

"ALC 4.0 is vital to our strategy..."

"I was one of the fortunate few who got to preview the "private" version of Affiliate Link Cloaker a few months back. We do quite a lot of market-testing using affiliate programs and Google AdWords, and ALC 4.0 is vital to that strategy because it allows us to by-pass the merchants' optin pages so we can test our own marketing materials BEFORE we go through the trouble of developing a product."

- Ryan Deiss
Houston, Texas

Many people have told me they will buy this course just to have access to the software.

In fact, a very good friend of mine, Greg Cesar, the "AdWords Czar," told me that even though he's owned a website design business for more than 7 years, he can't wait to get his hands on this software himself, because it will help him get sites done for himself and his clients so much faster --- especially when he's testing a new AdWords idea and needs to get a professional looking mini-site up in an afternoon!

Special Note to MAC Users: I've had a lot of people asking if the new "Mini Site Machine" software wizards will work on a MAC. The answer is, they were all originally designed to run on my personal PC (because I was the only one using them). So you can run Windows (like most of the newer MACs) or Virtual PC, the software should work. If not, then go ahead and get yourself a basic PC so you can take the course. I have nothing against MACs, but I just don't have the time and resources to support less than 15% of the market. When you consider that a new PC can easily be had for under $300, it's not a big deal to get one (for this and other things that require a PC).

We'll distribute each of the wizards to you over the course of the e-class as we cover it each week.

While getting your hands on just this software alone is worth access to this live course, it's only the beginning of what you'll receive in this breakthrough e-class training and membership site, because...

Here's What You'll Discover Lesson-by-Lesson
"Mini-Site Creator v2.0" e-Class

Session #1 -
"Your Mini Site Business" - Take Your Mini-Sites to the NEXT Level

  • A detailed run-through of my "The Ultimate Online Success Formula"

  • How to instantly double your mini-site profits just by changing one link

  • The Exact 4-step process every successful mini-site business MUST follow to profit online

  • A FREE alternative to the "dead" Overture keyword research tool (to see how many keyword searches there are for your main keyword phrase and know if your mini-site project is worth moving forward with)

  • A fast, PROVEN way to test a market and build your list at the same time

  • Exactly WHEN you should "rollout" for bigger traffic to accelerate your business profits

  • One of the BIGGEST TRAPS you can fall into that guarantees failure (and why everyone is trying to get you to fall into it)

  • And much, MUCH more!

Session #2 -
Basic Skills Training "Self-Study" Video Lessons

  • What you do and don't need to know about how mini-sites work, so you can create mini-sites that get your message in front of people fast and effectively (and I promise not to turn you into some kind of "propeller head" geek). 

  • You'll learn the truth about what makes a "good" domain name (and what doesn't) and how and where to buy one properly (so you'll avoid getting ripped off).

  • You'll understand exactly how to pick a GREAT web host so you don't lose business because your hosting service goes down (believe me, cheap web hosting is no bargain!).

  • We GIVE you the complete HTML software you need to create your mini-sites!
    That's right... you didn't misread that.... we GIVE you the html software you need to create your mini-sites. (PC ONLY) You do NOT have to own FrontPage, Dreamweaver or any other expensive software package. The software we show you in the tutorials is the same software you will use to create your mini-sites... and you don't have to purchase it!

  • We then show you, step-by-step, how to use this exclusive software like a pro, including:

    • Formatting Text ( including header tags, fonts, and more)

    • Creating bullets and numbered lists

    • Getting your text from your word processor into html with the least hassle

    • Creating all the various types of hyperlinks (there are 4, can you name them?)

    • Inserting pictures into your mini-site pages (which ones to use and which to avoid like the black plague of death)

Session #3 -
"4 Types Of Mini-Sites And How They Work Together In Your Mini-Site Business"

  • In this session, I'll teach you the 4 main mini-site patterns and how they all work together

  • Which mini-sites to do and in which order, depending on your business objective

  • How to combine these 4 types of pages into a bigger, more traditional site

  • The proper way to plan your website out on paper FIRST, rather than spending hours trying to compose it at the keyboard. (I'm going to teach you how paper and pencil are the true starting points for a successful mini-site!)

  • Specific Examples of 3 BIG NAME companies using mini-sites to help sell BILLIONS in products…

  • How to mix and match the building blocks to build your mini-site business , including: Common mini-site combinations… and more advanced mini-site patterns…

  • Other mini-site building blocks…

  • How you can look bigger than you really are...

  • Common elements to all mini-site pages...

  • My fool-proof site planning tools...

  • ... and much, MUCH more!

Session #4 -
Setting Up For Business Online "Self-Study" Video Lessons:

  • The mechanics of setting up a forced optin "squeeze" page mini-site to build your list(s) using my proprietary "Optin Page Wizard" software. This includes showing you how to mechanically set up the:

    • Forced Optin "Squeeze" page

    • Subscription Confirmation page

  • How to set up a sequential email autoresponder, such as Aweber, and tie it into your mini-site to offer an email mini-course, email newsletter, forced optin pages, or automatic follow up with prospects or customers.

  • The mechanics of setting up a simple email newsletter site, including:

    • Signup page with email subscription form

    • Create archive pages for your articles / past issues

  • The complete guide to managing your hosting account, including:

    • Setting up email accounts

    • Setting up simple email autoresponders

    • Creating sub-directories in your hosting account

    • Much, much more!

 Session #5 -
"Killer Headlines, Bullets and 'Hooks' - the secret to kick-ass mini-sites that work like crazy!"

In this lesson, I give you the keys to creating copy for your mini-sites that really works. You see, with mini-sites, it comes down to good, solid direct-response marketing techniques... and at the heart of good direct-response marketing, is excellent sales copy.

If your sales copy rocks, your mini-sites will rock... and your bullets and headlines are the most important parts of that process. When you get done with this webinar session you'll be a headline, hook, and bullet pro!

Here's just a sample of what we'll cover:

  • Killer "Hooks" Overview

  • Why Headlines and Bullets are so critical

  • Why Formulas are the key to great headlines and bullets - FAST!

  • Building a swipe file

  • 3 Biggest Mistakes People Make With Headlines

  • What all great headlines have in common

  • 15 Fill-in-the-blank headline templates you can use immediately

  • Typical headline formatting

  • The “real” purpose of bullets

  • Bullet Basics and my F.B.M. Bullet Formula

  • 4 Bullet Formulas you can use right away

  • Real Bullet Examples

  • ... and much, MUCH more!

Session #6 -
"12 Idea Generators and How to Use Them to Pick Your Niche Markets"

Are you stuck on where to begin as far as picking a market to go after, either with your own product or as an affiliate selling someone else's product?

Well I'll pull back the curtain on this exclusive lesson and reveal to you how I personally evaluate a new niche market to see if it's even worth taking a look at - let alone worth investing the time to create a mini-site or even a product.

When you combine this information with my 4-step "Ultimate Online Success Formula" (which you'll also learn on this webinar) you'll have a virtually fool-proof means of evaluating the potential of any online niche market.

  • My Top 12 Idea and Brainstorm Generators

  • 5 BONUS Idea and Brainstorm Generators

  • How to use to them think up ideas for niche markets to go after…

  • A quick system to evaluate those niche markets…

Session #7 -
"Double-Barreled Sales Letter Formulas that ALWAYS work!"

You're going to discover 2 different ways to create a sales letter GUARANTEED to Work FAST!

By the way, I've used both of these formulas to sell MILLIONS of dollars worth of physical and downloadable products online... and I'm pulling back the curtain to explain how to create them really fast (instead of struggling like most people do).

Even if you went through v1.0, I've got some new twists on FAST copywriting that will blow your socks off (including a new twist on an old formula that helps get your sales letter done in an afternoon)!

  • Introduction to Mini-Site Sales Letters...

  • Your sales letter mindset...

  • The 2 main types of letters you can write in an afternoon...

  • The "building block" mindset and how to use it to get your first draft done fast...

  • And too much more to even try to list here!

Session #8 -
Show Me The Money "Self-Study" Video Lessons:

  • The mechanics of setting up a sales letter mini-site to sell your own products, this includes showing you how to mechanically set up the sales letter page and download page.

  • This includes detailed instruction on how to use my ALL-NEW, proprietary "Mini Site Sales Page" Wizard software that will take you step-by-step through the process of writing, editing, and posting your sales letter mini-site online.

  • How to tie Clickbank and / or PayPal into your mini-site to automatically accept payments... and specifically how to set up your site so you get every purchaser's name, email, and full contact information, which allows you to do follow-up "offline" marketing.

  • In-depth instructions for using the "Sales Page Wizard" to get your first sales letter done, posted, and ready for business in an afternoon!   

  • Setting up a "hidden" download directory and much more... 

Session #9 -
"Advanced Mini-Site Techniques & Strategies"

On this lesson I teach you how to milk more money out of your mini-site business... everything from selling people more up-front, to making a killing on the back-end right after they buy. How to make a second-chance offer to the majority of people who come to your forced opt-in page without signing up... and how to get people who don't answer your questions on your MBQ's to answer a question anyway!

This lesson really does show you how to take your mini-sites to the next level, including:

  • 3 immediate ways to make more money from your mini-site business

  • How a trip to McDonalds leads to more sales online

  • Immediate backend selling techniques

  • How to let pictures and graphics help you sell more

  • How to never let your information look out of date (no matter how old your site is)
     - Using Date scripts (LIVE demo)

  • How to set up a blog in about 60-seconds (you'll see a LIVE demo to prove it)

  • Using blogs to make money

  • Much, MUCH more...

Session #10 -
Advanced Techniques and Tools "Self-Study" Video Lessons:

  • Using Affiliate Link Cloaker (ALC) PRO 4.0 Software

  • How ClickBank affiliate links work and WHY you want to cloak your links

  • Using ALC to create a Basic Redirect Page

  • How to Bypass a Merchant's Forced Optin Page (and WHY you want to do it)

  • Advanced Strategies with ALC software

  • My TOP-Secret Market Testing Scheme (making sales from your own sales page without even having your own product - and NO - it's not resale rights or even PLR - this is something brand-new)

  • Using The "Ultimate Subscription Box" (USB) and "Magic Popup" Software

  • The "Traditional" Opt-In Model VS The USB

  • Examples of the USB in action and Overview of Software

  • Step-By-Step How to Use the USB Software

  • Unique applications of the USB

  • The "Magic Popup" Option - how to make "drop-and-bounce" popups the blockers can't block!

  • 9 Ways To Spice Up Your USB

  • Much, MUCH more!

Session #11 -
Affiliate Pre-Sell Pages - How To Make Money With OPP "Self-Study" Video Lessons:

On this lesson I will teach you how to come up with affiliate pre-sell pages that let you test markets and start making money - FAST!

I'll show you how to create one of these pages to start testing a market in less than 30 minutes. Even if you only have an hour or two to spend on your mini-site businesses each day, this simple formula will make your success fool-proof.

Just do what I tell you and you'll know if a market can work for you or not, FAST. (This is BRAND NEW information I've never revealed before!)

  • What Are Affiliate Pre-Sell Pages and Why do you use them?

  • Product Review Pages

  • Click-Through Pages

  • Personal Story/Testimonial Pages

  • Forced Opt-In Pages

  • Video Pre-Sell Pages

  • Specific LIVE examples of pre-sell pages

  • Spicing Up Your Pre-Sell Pages

  • ... Much, MUCH more!

Session #12 -
3 B's Of Generating Traffic To Your Mini-Sites

I'm going to teach you the 3 (and only 3) ways to generate traffic to any of your mini-sites. You're going to have some major breakthroughs on this lesson. Suddenly traffic won't be some big mystery, but an EASY thing to turn on and off like a faucet, any time you want it!

  • 3 B's Of Generating Traffic To Your Mini-Sites

  • The "Bottom Line" On Targeted Traffic

  • 3 Main Sources for PPC traffic

  • Ezine Advertising

  • Targeted Website Advertising

  • 3 Cardinal Rules for Buying Traffic

  • Finding Affiliates & Super Affiliates

  • Why Article Marketing is the best traffic method I know (and how to make it work for you)

  • My TOP SECRET Article Marketing Tactic I've only revealed once before

  • Viral Traffic Magnets

  • Real World Link Exchanges

  • Directing Traffic On Your Mini-Sites

  • Much, Much MORE!

So as you can see, the ALL-NEW "Mini-Site Creator v2.0" e-Class is a COMPLETE education on using mini-sites to set up a complete business online (not just how to make a site)!

So now, let me explain to you...

"Mini-Site Creator v2.0" e-Class
Gets Delivered To You

"Mini-Site Creator v2.0" is delivered 100% online as an e-class and membership site with 12 lessons and software delivered over a period of approximately 8 weeks.

The advantage of this spaced learning is that you'll be able to absorb my incredible business building information over time at a reasonable pace -- instead of some big "info-dump" that would only serve to overwhelm you. You can then go through each video lesson at your own pace.

You can watch the videos, pause, rewind and absorb the information. You can even stop and come back later to finish a lesson or review a video. Everything is delivered online, so it's always up-to-date. 

We also have the webinar lesson replays transcribed and made available to you as "Enhanced" PDF files so you can see, hear and read every one of the lessons... so no matter which way you learn best, you'll have total access to the information you need to be successful.

Now, just so we can avoid any misunderstanding...

"Who Should Take
'Mini-Site Creator v2.0' e-Class?"

  • Anyone who has a burning desire to finally know exactly what it takes to quickly and easily set up your own mini-sites...

  • Anyone who wants the personal power and ability to make simple changes to their mini-sites without having to wait (and pay) for a webmaster or web designer to make the changes...

  • Anyone who wants to be able to put up a mini-site to promote their ebook, newsletter, free report, software, affiliate links or practically anything else... FAST!

"Who Should NOT Take The
'Mini-Site Creator v2.0' e-Class?"

Anyone who considers themselves to be a professional "webmaster" already
(and / or already has a chip on their shoulder about it)...

Anyone who likes to do things the "hard" way...

Anyone who believes complicated and expensive is better than fast and cheap...

Anyone who likes to whine and complain or is a "bitter know-it-all"...

"What Skills Do You Need To Take
'Mini-Site Creator v2.0' e-Course?"

Here's a list of the skills you need in order be successful with this course. (Go down the list and check off each block below.)

You have basic typing skills, even if it's the old "hunt and peck" method...

You can surf the web, click links, send email, navigate to web addresses and generally "get around" on the Internet...

You know the difference between "left mouse click" and "right mouse click"...

You know what "copy and paste" means...

You can use a basic word processor like Microsoft "Word" or "Word Perfect" (though you don't have to own either of these programs)...

You know the difference between graphics and text on a page...

You own a PC with Internet access (or you have a MAC that can run Virtual PC or a newer MAC that can run Windows)...

You have a burning desire to learn how YOU can set up your own basic web pages and mini-sites so you can finally start building your business online once and for all!

When you answer YES to all of these questions, then you can feel confident that you have the skills necessary to complete this class...
and quickly and easily build your own mini-sites!

Now, at this point you also may be wondering...

"Who is Jim Edwards And
Why Should I Listen To Him?

Here Are 8 Reasons Why I'm The One Who Will
Finally Pull Back The Curtain And Reveal
Everything You Need To Know About
HOW TO Set Up YOUR Own Mini-Sites:

Who am I to teach you this?

Well, aside from the blood, sweat, tears, and scar tissue I described to you earlier in this letter, I've come a long way from that first fumbling around in the dark, trying to get things done way back in 1997.

Here are a few of the things I've been able to accomplish online. I don't tell you this to brag, but only to explain why you should listen to me and how I'm qualified to know this stuff and, more importantly, why I'm able to teach YOU how to do it too!

1. Every month I average more than $5,864.44 in sales from just one of my mini-sites (I have 9, 13, 38 - honestly, too many of them to count!)... along with hundreds of other one-page or two-page mini-sites to do everything from sell other people's products.... to give access to download pages.... even to promote other people's products as an affiliate.

2. Up until creating this course, I've done all my own website creation, including layout design, formatting, script installation, server admin, marketing, customer service, setting up payment processing, answering all the emails from customers, publishing products.... the list goes on and on.

3. I also owned and operated my own website design, development and hosting company with a fraternity brother of mine for almost 2 years in the late 90's.

4. In the last 5 years I've Sold Over $6,572,472.30 worth of my own products and other people's products as an affiliate using nothing but mini-sites to sell, process the orders, and follow up automatically online. 

5. I've set up payment processing through PayPal, ClickBank, PaySystems, merchant gateways, 1ShoppingCart, Synergyx, and many others in and out of business since 1997!

6. I've set up download pages for everything from software to ebooks to audio files... even a download page where people can download FULL MOTION video clips (back before anyone else was doing anything with online video)!

7. About the only thing I've hired anyone to do for me (up until I created the original Mini Site Creator v1.0) is to install complicated web scripts or to do high-end graphics like ebook covers or fancy header graphics.

Other than that, for years I did EVERYTHING myself and had been my one-and-ONLY webmaster.

8. I'm also recognized around the world as a leading author and creator of step-by-step, "how-to" products that help people get RESULTS fast! (Take a peek at the left-hand side of this page for what my students have to say about my ability to teach you!)

(Of course I can't promise you'll do better or worse than I have done... I don't know you, your motivation level, or whether you'll get up off the couch and do anything.)

So, what's my point in telling you all of this?


I want to prove to you that I know what I'm talking about from experience AND I'm capable of teaching YOU how to set up, post, and host your own mini-sites FAST... while avoiding all the mistakes I made starting out.

So, to sweeten the pot for you even more...

Act NOW and Receive ALL These Bonuses
To EXPLODE Your Mini-Site Profits:

By making the smart choice to sign up for the "Mini-Site Creator v2.0" e-Class right now, I'm going to include ALL of the following bonuses to help you get started FAST.

BONUS: All The Website Design & Page Uploading Software You Need!
That's right... you'll get all the web page design and upload software you need to create and upload the pages that make up a website! There’s nothing else to buy as far as software to create the basic web pages and upload them to your website. Let me repeat: You DO NOT need to go spend $100-300 to buy page design or uploading software…. We provide it all!
(Just a reminder. This is PC software but if you have a MAC, you will be okay if you can run Virtual PC or Windows)
Bonus Value: $197.00

BONUS: 80+ Professionally-Designed Mini-Site Templates (Exclusive To Mini Site Creator) These are NOT available anywhere else!
You'll also get 80+ exclusive mini-site templates you can use, adapt, change and just plain “rip off” to create your own websites! I’ll give you the templates I use to create my sites and then show you how to change, edit and “morph” them into basically anything you want for your own web pages. This is an incredible time saver and will have you putting up mini-sites in no time flat!
Bonus Value: 80 x $20 each = $1,600.00

BONUS: 30 Days FREE Website Hosting
I’ve worked out a deal for you to get 30 Days FREE website hosting with a company I know and trust. I’ve arranged for you to get this full-featured, “bullet-proof” hosting, with this trusted resource (where I host many of my own sites) at a great price without sacrificing service!
Bonus Value: $25.00

BONUS: A Listing in the Mini-Site Creator Directory and a Chance To Be Featured In “Success Stories Exposed!”
That’s right, once you get your site up and running, I’ll include a link to your site along with a description in our directory of sites…. In other words, I’ll get you FREE traffic and exposure because I promote this site to all my lists and on my blog.  Bottom Line: We’ll link back to each of your sites from our directory! (And with my network of sites, over time, this will turn into a real asset for you!) We may even feature you in my upcoming website: “Success Stories Exposed”
Bonus Value: $250.00

BONUS: "Google's Back Door" Traffic Webinar Replay
"How to BUY #1 placement for the keywords of your choice, in 15 minutes or less, for 50-75% off the retail price!"

In this exclusive webinar replay, I mercilessly grill "The AdWords Czar", Greg Cesar, for his secrets to using Google Placement Targeted campaigns to get #1 placement in Google's "organic" search listings in 15 minutes or less! We show you how to find sites that will accept advertising and how to kick the butt of everyone else who is currently advertising on that site and get more targeted click-through's than you can shake a stick at.

Plus, when you use this method, you can save 50-75% off the price people pay to show up on the right-hand side of the Google search results. We cover everything from assessing markets and finding hidden advertising opportunities to how to set up campaigns and monitor your results for long-term success! This is BRAND-NEW information only Greg and I can deliver to you and it's part of your "Mini Site Creator v2.0" training!

Bonus Value: $197.00

BONUS: "Special Edition" Downloadable Version of "Instant Traffic Stampede"
In this incredible interview series, my partner, "Sheriff" Yanik Silver, and I interviewed a posse of traffic generating experts to give us the low-down on gettin' more folks to come to our websites! Here's a quick summary of what you'll get:

Perry "Quick Draw" Marshall -- Google Ad Words
Perry Marshall will give it to you straight from the horse's mouth about how and why Google Ad Words is a completely different "animal" from any other pay-per-click search engines out there…and what you need to know to "crack the code" (and avoid wasting thousands of dollars in unnecessary advertising expense)

Charlie "High Noon" Page -- Ezine Ads
You see, people read ezines and newsletters because they are VERY INTERESTED in the subject -- No matter what your product or service, chances are high you'll find online publications that already have subscribers who will fit your niche or target audience... and the right ad to that audience brings the traffic stampede!

"Sheriff" Yanik Silver -- Affiliate Programs
Here's exactly how to get hundreds, even thousands of websites working for you advertising and selling your product and you only pay them once they make a sale.  This is the holy grail of traffic generation! Yanik's built a 5,000+ affiliate network in less than 1 year starting from scratch and now just a few years later has an army of over 40,000+ affiliates working with him.

"Marshall" Jim Edwards -- Ezine Articles
Every website could benefit from an extra 100, 200... or even 500 visitors a day - especially if you didn't have to pay for them. And in this training session I'll show you how articles are a surefire way to unleash your own mini-site traffic stampede!

"DOC" Jimmy D. Brown -- Viral Marketing
There's been a whole lot of "buzz" about viral marketing, but little substance. That'll all change starting right now. We've tracked down the elusive, Jimmy D. Brown, to spill his guts on every viral marketing secret he uses to make a nifty six-figure income online. 

"Outlaw" Stephen Fasenfeld - Linking Strategies That Work!
Getting partners to link to you is a good old fashioned way to get a stampede started on your website... and this good old boy from Ireland teaches us how to do just that... in no time flat you'll have a whole stampede of folks linking to your sites!

Bonus Value: $397.00

Total REAL Value of all the Bonuses listed above: $2,497.00+

Oh, but here's one more killer bonus to sweeten the pot for you and get you off the fence to act now...

ACT NOW and You'll Also Receive
"The eBook Author Club"
A REAL $2,995.00 Value - FREE!

Your Last Piece Of The
Online Business Puzzle

Other's paid over $2,995.00 to access this information.
You'll get it as a FREE Fast-Action Bonus when you
get onboard with "Mini Site Creator v2.0" e-Class now...

But Don't Wait - You MUST Sign Up Now
To Secure This Bonus

FACT: Besides the mechanics of getting a money-making site finished and posted on the Web, one of the biggest problems you'll face is getting your own, unique product created.

FACT: Without your own product, you'll NEVER make it BIG online. (Let me say it again... Without your own, unique product you will NEVER have OUTRAGEOUS Success online!)

FACT: One of the best ways to get your very own, unique product is with your own highly profitable ebook. With ebooks and mini-sites you truly get:

  • Extremely High Profit Margins... and YOU don't have to write one single word of the ebook yourself if you don't want to!

  • "ZERO" delivery cost - no printing or postage

  • A low-risk business you can operate virtually anywhere in the world (just need a phone line)

  • Make money on "autopilot" 24 hours a day!

A little while back I did a VERY exclusive cruise workshop for 27 people lucky enough to secure a spot on my "Ebook Power Cruise"

Much to everyone's surprise, I NEVER released the DVDs of that live workshop. The only people to ever receive the recording of this incredible, all-meat-no-filler content were the actual live attendees themselves... nobody else ever got a copy. They've literally been locked up inside a remote storage unit (and only 2 people have the key to get them out of lockdown).

Not too long ago I decided to pull the recordings out of my vault (literally) and turn them into an exclusive coaching program for people serious about making money with their own ebooks. This coaching program will be delivered entirely online (NO DVDs to ship) with the videos made available in .mp4 video format (for use with the free Apple Quicktime video player, iTunes, or even to load on your video iPod).

This Exclusive Information Holds The Keys To Cashing-In With Your Own Highly Profitable Info-Products

In fact, here's just a sample of what's revealed in the recordings of what was my most private live event ever:

  • How to get valuable ebooks that are already written... FREE – and sell them for 100% profit (it’s completely legal if you know where to look)...

  • My Complete "ebook Website Blueprint" I reveal how to set up an autopilot system to take the payments, deliver the ebook and follow up with customers –virtually 100% by remote control – WITHOUT mortgaging your house or needing a degree in computer science!...

  • How to brainstorm profitable product ideas and research markets to find a hot audience, ready and eager to pay for what you have to sell (I'll show you the actual sites I use for research and brainstorming along with the thought process I go through)...

  • A clever method I use to get paid Up Front to create your ebooks (get this: you don’t have to write a word using this method, and you own 100% of the ebook yourself)...

  • How to have other people tell you exactly what they will and won't buy... before you even create the product! (I'll show you exactly how to take the questions people ask and turn them into highly profitable ebooks, tailored to exactly what your target audience wants to spend money on)...

  • Little tricks I've picked up along the way that can make you $1,000's extra per month (without spending an extra dime on advertising or bringing one single extra visitor to your website)!....

  • 11 ways to create ebooks you own the full rights to... and do it FAST and Legally (and you can do it over and over again)!...

  • The single fastest way to go from completely "unknown" online to being considered a "Major Player" on the Internet (and you can do it in the space of just a few weeks)...

  • How to quickly avoid the #1 Mistake ebook publishers make that causes them to take months or years to create a book... so you can finish in just a few days.

  • How to use the reasons people buy to force them to buy your ebooks... almost against their will (and how ignorance of how to use these reasons will DOOM you to mediocre results at best).

  • .... and a pile of other insider tips, tricks and secrets on how I create, promote, and sell an absolute "ton" of ebooks every year!

Now, much to the disbelief of my wife and couple of my close business associates...

I'm Giving You a Copy of
This ENTIRE Seminar via Online Video
(8 Modules In All)

Don't worry -- you're not going into information overload either!

Because there are 13 hours of mouth-watering content from this workshop and I want you to take action on it as you get it -- instead of having it collect dust on the cyber-shelf -- I'll send you these bonus online video lessons gradually over the coming weeks.

Oh, that reminds me. I hired a professional video producer to chunk the video from the event and convert it for download. She's been working on this for me for about a month, and when I told her I was making "Ebook Author Club" the final FAST ACTION BONUS for you, she flipped! In fact, here's what she had to say about it:

You MUST Sign Up NOW To Secure This Bonus

Bonus Value: $2,995.00 <--- that's what the bonus is really worth since that's what people have actually paid for this info!

But wait... you don't have to decide right now if
"Mini-Site Creator v2.0" is right for you because you can...


...Attend The First 30 Days of the e-Class Absolutely
100% Risk-Free!

Even after all this, if you're not sure if the "Mini-Site Creator v2.0" e-Class is right for you... no problem!

Take the first 30 Days of the e-Class completely at our risk. Take the self-study video and webinar replay lessons online... try out the tools we supply and provide (software, templates, videos and more) and if you're not 100% happy and convinced THIS is what will finally help you get a foothold on the Internet and start making your Internet business a reality, just let us know within the first 30 Days and we'll refund your entire tuition... no questions asked.

Once you pass the 30-day mark in the course, you agree to finish the course (which you'd be crazy not to do!).

Oh, and one more thing....


Unlike most other Internet marketing-related 'software' sites out there that charge you every single month to have access to the software and keep it working, you only have a one-time investment into this program and you can use the software forever! You also get LIFETIME updates, software upgrades and NEW bonuses as long as you remain a customer in good standing.

How great is that?

You're getting into this incredible e-Class... access to the software for an outrageously low price (a price, by the way, that I had a knockdown argument about with one of my business partners who was screaming at me "Jim, you're selling your course too cheap!")... and a lifetime membership in the site.

Summary of What You Get with the "Mini-Site Creator v2.0"
e-Class and Membership Site

"Mini Site Machine" Software Modules


80+ Mini-Site Templates  & Web Page Software & Hosting


12-Session Mini-Site Creator  v2.0 e-Class and Membership Site (12 x $297)


“Traffic” Webinars & Resources

$ 594.00

8 Module “Ebook Author Club!” ACT NOW Bonus

** All future updates, bonuses and software upgrades as long as you remain a member of "Mini-Site Creator v2.0" PRICELESS

Total REAL Value of Everything


Now, obviously I'm not going to charge you $10,000.00 for the e-Class... I'm not even going to charge you $5,000.00.

In fact, I'm not even going to charge you $2,000.00 (which this could easily sell for when you look at what others sell big "Internet Marketing" courses for).

When you register right now you can get everything for only $997...

So don't wait. Act now before I change my mind and double the price to where it should be! The next e-Class is getting started right now -- so get onboard right now...

The Course is Currently Closed for Upgrading.
You will be notified when we open it again


To your success,

Jim Edwards

P.S. - So if you've read down this far and haven't reserved your seat yet, you're probably wondering, "Jim, why are you selling this course so cheap? All the other guru's courses cost $2,000.00 or more. What's the catch?"

Good question. The reason I'm practically giving this course away is actually two-fold:

  1. First, I remember what it was like to try to get started with my first mini-site. How much money and time I wasted trying to figure everything out on my own. I basically want to reach back in time and help as many people as I can right now, by NOT charging the $2,000+ I could easily get for this course and these ALL-NEW "Mini Site Machine" software wizards.

    Chances are that when you buy your seat in my course today, this isn't the first course you've bought to try to get your business going "for real" online... but I guarantee it's the only one you'll need for setting up mini-sites and it will fill in all the blanks as far as the "nuts and bolts" mechanics of setting up a business online.

  2. Second, I have a selfish interest in putting this e-class in as many people's hands as possible...

    Once I train everyone the right way to set up their mini-sites (mechanically), I'll build a huge base of people who know me, trust me, and look to me in the future for new programs, software, and information to build their mini-site businesses. I'll be the only one truly serving this niche that so many "gurus" have ignored for so long.

P.P.S. - Remember, a very limited number of students will be accepted to participate in this e-Class.. and when I decide those spots are gone... THEY'RE GONE! And with all the risk placed squarely on my shoulders, I can't imagine why you wouldn't want to join us in this exciting journey. Don't delay!



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